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We have vacancies on our Steering Group - this page will be updated soon. Please consider service!

Jeff Beatty

I live in Herefordshire and have taught in state and private schools. Now retired, I dedicate myself to charitable work, mainly Quaker, in the fields of education and refugee action. As a school governor in an academy I try to influence how the academy operates in support of all children and young people as individuals.

At present, I am on the executive of the Friends School Council, Quaker Peace and Social Witness Central Committee, clerk to the Quaker Peace Studies Trust in Bradford and on other groups which are not directly connected to education. In my home county and in Powys, I am involved with supporting refugees both through the City of Sanctuary movement and our local meeting, which is a Sanctuary Meeting. Now relieved of 6 years’ service as an AM clerk, I can give more energy to education, to refugee action and to schools.


Jeff Beatty - co-clerk
Martyn Beer, 
Chris Culpin,  - co-clerk
David Day -   Treasurer
Alan Fox
Stuart Gallagher 
Wendy Scott 
Zoe Simms. 

Friends hoping to join

Tasha Alden                                                                         Jenni Back


Friends associated:

- Anne Watson
- Tim Small