Education Beyond Covid:
Reality, Resilience and Renewal

Webinar: 15th May 2021 - what happened


Education Beyond Covid:
Reality, Resilience and Renewal

Webinar on Saturday 15th May 2021  

An introductory live session initiated by the Quaker Values in Education (QVinE) group which shared educational experiences in schools and at home over the past year, and looked towards the future.

The event explored the following themes:

  • how the pandemic laid bare the inequalities in our society, which affect young people in the education system at all levels;
  • how some schools and adults demonstrated resilience in finding creative solutions to problems they and their students and children faced;
  • aspirations of how we can take the best of what we have learned into a better future for education.

We gathered a wide range of contributors – parents, teachers, governors, teacher trainers and young people – who shared their views, and offered their lived experience in shaping future directions in education.

Our four main speakers - with summing up from Anne Watson

Paul Parker

Recording Clerk of Britain Yearly Meeting

Geoff Barton

General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders 

Kevan Collins

UK Government Commissioner on Education Recovery

Becky Francis

Chief Executive of the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF)

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Introduction by Jeff Beatty, QVinE clerk
followed by Martyn Beer's introduction to each guest speaker *


Input from Guest Speakers
Paul Parker -

Geoff Barton -

Kevan Collins -

Becky Francis -


Introduction to the break out groups


Breakout sessions - with facilitators and note takers


Coffee break


Feedback session


Plenary, further feedback on where next, and finally …
Summing up - by Anne Watson *

      * for texts see Webinar Texts page

Quaker Values in Education (QVinE) are a small, independent minded body, which originated from a Cumberland AM concern about the direction that state education, enforced through the inspection system, was being driven. To date, QVinE has hosted conferences in London and Birmingham, published papers and a recent (2018) book, Faith and Experience in Education.

For catching up with what our speakers said see the Webinar Text page