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Lizi Phippen

I have been an attender at Clevedon Meeting  for nearly 5 years and am Resident Friend for Claverham Meeting House in North Somerset.

Having completed a degree in Design Photography, I worked as a freelance graphic designer and photographer. In 2007, after gaining classroom experience as a Teaching Assistant, I completed a PGCE at Roehampton University.

Since then, I have been working as a Primary School teacher in various schools in North Somerset.

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Anne Watson

I have been a Quaker (off and on) since the early 1980s and also started teaching around the same time in comprehensive secondary schools.

More recently, I have been a mathematics educator in a university, and throughout that work and my research I have been interested in how learning can enliven our sense of ourselves and our capabilities.

My passions for mathematics, for learning, for education and for Quakerism are all bound up together with my own understanding of our equality and the integration of truth and spirit.

I am drawing on my experience as an educator, writer, policy advisor, teacher and researcher to serve QVinE.

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Jeff Beatty

I live in Herefordshire and have taught in state and private schools. Now retired, I dedicate myself to charitable work, mainly Quaker, in the fields of education and refugee action. As a school governor in an academy I try to influence how the academy operates in support of all children and young people as individuals.

At present, I am on the executive of the Friends School Council, Quaker Peace and Social Witness Central Committee, clerk to the Quaker Peace Studies Trust in Bradford and on other groups which are not directly connected to education.

In my home county and in Powys, I am involved with supporting refugees both through the City of Sanctuary movement and our local meeting, which is a Sanctuary Meeting.

Now relieved of 6 years’ service as an AM clerk, I can give more energy to education, to refugee action and to schools.
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