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Research Degrees (University of Birmingham)

It is now possible to pursue MA by Research or PhD by Research with a focus on Quaker Values in Education (QVinE). This new route is particularly appropriate for those employed in education who wish to undertake action research to develop Quaker values in their own teaching or in their own institution, or ethnography to illuminate practice. It is also possible to study Quaker Values from a curriculum standpoint; or to take an historical or philosophical stance.

Example research topics might include: ‘Putting Quaker Values into practice in a whole school assessment regime’; ‘Addressing the light in everyone: adapting teaching in an all-attainment mathematics group’; ‘British values and Quaker values: match and mismatch in an inner city multicultural school’; ‘Relations between teaching & learning: a Quaker perspective’

Further details of the MA and PhD programmes can be found on the Woodbrooke website at:
www.woodbrooke.org.uk/pages/research-degrees​. Note that supervision is provided by specialists in educational research at graduate level.